Whether it's a common family vehicle or a collector's item, if you want to transport your car over a long distance in the safest as well as the cheapest way, it is probably best to contract an auto shipping company. The service does not only save time and the trouble of driving the vehicle across states on your own, it reduces the amount of fuel that you would otherwise have to buy. With today's fuel prices, if you find it necessary to see first which of the gas stations available along an interstate offer better prices, you had better consider auto shipping and save your car unnecessary wear.

The auto shipping industry is becoming popular for those very reasons. Nonetheless, selecting from the many companies and their services, whether large or small is not without risk. You need to be aware of the companies insurance coverage, past experience, and previous performance with your type of car, particularly if it is somewhat exotic in either model or size. You will also need to find out what criteria they use to determine pricing.

Pricing is determined by the manufacturer and model of the vehicle, the distance to be transported, the drop-off and pick-up sites and your required time-frame.

The road less travelled in this case will cost you more, due to remote, hard to find services, and the time and energy the company must put forth to keep your car safe from the various road and weather conditions that could harm the vehicles on the carrier. This will cause the company to add services (and charges) not normally encountered on well-traveled routes.

If your vehicle is abnormally heavy, large, or odd-sized the cost will increase because the carrier can load fewer vehicles. Many esoteric cars, and particularly vintage, classic and collector's cars are of nonstandard dimensions, but also require unusual tender loving care, regardless of weight or size.

The amount of insurance necessary to cover your vehicle in transport is also a consideration. Your regular policy may not cover the odd conditions that the car might meet in transit. The auto shipping company will have its own insurance carrier and you need to research the policies offered to pick the one most pertinent to your vehicle. It is undoubtedly not the cheapest option that will meet your needs, especially on the vintage model.

One other determination aside from the above is whether your car is drivable or not. If the car cannot be driven on and off the carrier, special trucks will be dispatched to take it to the carrier, it then must be pushed or towed to its spot, and the entire procedure must be repeated at its destination.

A fully operable vehicle is, of course, the preferred one to transport. No matter, you need to hire the auto shipping company as early as you can before the shipping date, and try for off-season if possible. The longer you hold off on deciding on a transport company, the costlier it will be for you. I'm talking here well over a month in advance. If your car's prior condition results in damage while in transit, besides the inconvenience of waiting for the car to be repaired, the final price could spiral out of sight.

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