When one thinks of a garage door opener one is likely to think of a garage door remote. Yes, it opens the garage door but it is not actually the garage door opener. So when someone is looking for the garage door opener and they ask ‘Where is the garage door opener?’ Your correct answer would be, well, its outside inside the garage and above the garage door. But the person is probably asking where the garage door opener remote is! And that may take some time to find if you don’t keep it in your purse or by the door.

An actual door opener for the garage is the device, generally overhead, that physically opens the garage door. And they come in mainly three different categories with each manufacturer adding their own bells and whistles.

One of the three types of garage door openers available and the most common and generally the cheapest is the chain driven opener where a chain is looped around a rail that is installed from the inside roof of the garage. This will also be the noisiest door opener. It may come with a ½ hp engine or a ¾ hp engine. It would most likely have a single button that when pushed opens the garage door. These may sometimes be called jerky when they operate. There are some models that have poly coated rails which may make less noise when the garage door is opened.

The next type of door opener for a garage is the screw drive model. This is a bit harder to find as not so many models of these are made. It is in the mid-range for noise. This type of opener has a mechanism that moves up and down a threaded steel rod. This type also comes with a ½ hp engine or a ¾ hp engine.

The third model available is the belt driven door opener for garages. This is a metal reinforced rubber belt instead of a chain so it is the quietest of the three garage openers and also the most expensive generally. It is not really for the heaviest doors or the taller doors and it may need an extension installed to open a door tall enough for your RV.

There is a fourth model which is a newer model. It is a torsion door opener. It is the most quiet and it gives more headroom in a garage. That is because there is a devise mounted above the garage door which attaches directly to the torsion spring shaft and it lifts the door using the torsion springs. The overhead track and motor are eliminated so there will be more overhead clearance.

Now when it comes to bells and whistles you may have a complex key pad versus a single button panel to operate the doors. You might have two overhead lights versus one that stays on a few minutes. You might add a motion detector so a light turns on when you enter the garage.

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