In this era of message saturation and cluttered communication highway, it's getting harder to fashion the most suitable campaign design and execution that can instantly capture the interest of the viewing public. This reality makes it more challenging for to talk, appeal, and influence their target market into doing the exact intent of the marketing or advertising initiative: purchase. Hence it is vital that these agencies continually come up with innovative strategies and cutting-edge techniques in order to fully maximize the advertising cost and satisfy their clients. Advertising requires investment and it is only logical for companies to demand an eventual ROI (Return Of Investment) from their hired agency.

In their intent to be more competitive and bring a brand or a product closer to their target demographic, advertising agencies have been staging activations as either a standalone communication initiative or a reinforcement to their above the line (ATL) campaigns. Some of the most po[censored] r types of activation include Brand Activation, Product Activation, and Online Brand Activation.

Brand Activation. This type of Brand activation seeks to either reinforce or reclaim a brand's market share. One particular brand can have various products under their name, but during this communication initiative, the focus is on the brand name itself. Of course as a consequence, the products under the brand name are given their share of the spotlight. Brand activation allows a brand to do a myriad of things. It can introduce itself to a new market, reintroduce itself to a lost market, or even target both new and old market in one well-planned and efficiently-executed communication campaign. Whatever the motive, intent behind is, this type of activation once smoothly done can achieve all the returns that a company or advertising agency aimed for.

Product Activation- Unlike brand, Product Activation is, as what its name suggests, product-specific. Suppose a brand wants to give importance to a new product or an old product that has lost its market preference, this activation can prove rather beneficial. By taking the product straight to its audience, product and market interaction is ensured. Some of the most used Product Activation techniques include free taste, product samplers, and direct selling. There are also Product Activation wherein elaborate elements are put together to achieve a grand product festival.

Online Brand Activation- With the vast po[censored] rity of the internet, product marketers have resorted to Online Brand Activation in order to carry out their marketing initiatives. This may include online product promos, freebies, and online competitions among others. Online Brand Activation is more cost-efficient than other types of activation.

Creating a message and making sure it reaches its target audience and inspires positive response is no easy feat. But marketing and advertising gurus continuously derive means such as Brand Activation, Product Activation and Online Brand Activation to make the job easier.

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