Who should think about book binding options? Professionals who need to present messages and concepts in print. The wrapping is the first indication of the quality of the contents.

Who should think about book binding options? Professionals who need to present messages and concepts in print. It can take considerable resources (time, money, effort) to write, edit, illustrate, review, revise, and approve print-based information. After all of that hard work, it seems ridiculous to assemble the final product in a haphazard manner. For the same reasons you would not wrap a diamond in an old newspaper; you should not encase your project proposal or user guide stapled and stuffed into an envelope. The wrapping is the first indication of the quality of the contents. Many businesses rely on the simplest and least effective form of binding-the staple. While stapling documents works on a basic level, stapling communicates a lack of attention to image and detail. Since virtually everyone uses staples on a daily basis, there is nothing special about the staple. It communicates a sense of the commonplace and mundane.

Slightly more discriminating businesses use ring binders to organize information. Binders work well for documents requiring frequent revision and updates. Like the staple, ring binders are ordinary and boring. However, for more static documents, other types of binding pack a lot more bang for the buck.

Bound documents are more professional looking and remain organized. They help to enhance the image of your organization and amplify your message. Highly polished and professional business documents can easily translate into improved perception and enhanced profitability. They help you to establish a professional image while keeping your information in order. Binding your documents helps you to ensure that your message is not lost before potential clients or employees can evaluate them. Plus, binding is often less expensive and more efficient than punching holes and inserting documents into binders or file folders.

Document binding has almost limitless applications. Think of all the print information we handle at work, home, and school. Binding is perfect for all sorts of documents in a variety of industries. Some applications include the following:

Sales and Marketing

Presentations Grant proposals Bids and quotes Catalogs Marketing plans

Training and Education

Workbooks New employee kits Policy and procedure documentation User guides Reference materials

General Business Administration

Financial reports Inventories Directories and contact lists Safety guidelines Employee handbooks Benefits guides

The physical appearance of a document should be an extension of its content and the hard work and attention to detail that went into it. Whether you choose plastic combs, spiral coil, double loop wire, Velobind, Proclick, Zipbind or Unibind for your documents, the quality of the finished proposal serves as a visual indicator of the quality of the text contained within. Bound documents appear to be of a higher caliber and deserving of attention. In addition, binding allows companies to customize materials for each client or employee. Personalized materials can be produced for one person or one thousand people without sacrificing the polished look binding provides. Because there are so many binding options, it is easy to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Whether it's a common family vehicle or a collector's item, if you want to transport your car over a long distance in the safest as well as the cheapest way, it is probably best to contract an auto shipping company. The service does not only save time and the trouble of driving the vehicle across states on your own, it reduces the amount of fuel that you would otherwise have to buy. With today's fuel prices, if you find it necessary to see first which of the gas stations available along an interstate offer better prices, you had better consider auto shipping and save your car unnecessary wear.

The auto shipping industry is becoming popular for those very reasons. Nonetheless, selecting from the many companies and their services, whether large or small is not without risk. You need to be aware of the companies insurance coverage, past experience, and previous performance with your type of car, particularly if it is somewhat exotic in either model or size. You will also need to find out what criteria they use to determine pricing.

Pricing is determined by the manufacturer and model of the vehicle, the distance to be transported, the drop-off and pick-up sites and your required time-frame.

The road less travelled in this case will cost you more, due to remote, hard to find services, and the time and energy the company must put forth to keep your car safe from the various road and weather conditions that could harm the vehicles on the carrier. This will cause the company to add services (and charges) not normally encountered on well-traveled routes.

If your vehicle is abnormally heavy, large, or odd-sized the cost will increase because the carrier can load fewer vehicles. Many esoteric cars, and particularly vintage, classic and collector's cars are of nonstandard dimensions, but also require unusual tender loving care, regardless of weight or size.

The amount of insurance necessary to cover your vehicle in transport is also a consideration. Your regular policy may not cover the odd conditions that the car might meet in transit. The auto shipping company will have its own insurance carrier and you need to research the policies offered to pick the one most pertinent to your vehicle. It is undoubtedly not the cheapest option that will meet your needs, especially on the vintage model.

One other determination aside from the above is whether your car is drivable or not. If the car cannot be driven on and off the carrier, special trucks will be dispatched to take it to the carrier, it then must be pushed or towed to its spot, and the entire procedure must be repeated at its destination.

A fully operable vehicle is, of course, the preferred one to transport. No matter, you need to hire the auto shipping company as early as you can before the shipping date, and try for off-season if possible. The longer you hold off on deciding on a transport company, the costlier it will be for you. I'm talking here well over a month in advance. If your car's prior condition results in damage while in transit, besides the inconvenience of waiting for the car to be repaired, the final price could spiral out of sight.

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Are you looking to insure your personal vehicle, and need to find affordable car insurance that won't tear a hole in your back pocket? In today's economy it is important to save money anywhere you can, especially when it comes to auto insurance. For most people auto insurance premiums make up a significant portion of their monthly payments, along with health insurance premiums, rent/mortgage, utilities and even car payments. With that being said, you could choose to call up multiple insurance companies one after the other and go through the hassle of trying to get a quote over the phone. But instead, why don't you take the smarter approach, and get multiple quotes online? It is simple, free, and easy and it can be done any time of the day or night. So you don't have to worry about normal business hours to shop around, you do it on your own time. Best of all, you can compare the rates of many companies by filling out simple applications, and letting the providers do the rest of the work for you. Find affordable auto insurance in no time by getting a few quotes instantly.

Anyone can use the ease and convenience of an online company to get multiple quotes so that they can find the insurance they need for less. Whether you are a new driver, or need to switch companies, or have even been dropped by your current carrier, you can get multiple quotes instantly and have your pick of companies. There is nothing worse than finding out that you have been paying way too much on auto insurance premiums for the same amount of coverage that your friend gets. Doing your homework and comparing rates may seem like a daunting task but with the help of auto insurance comparison calculators, comparing rates is a breeze.

When you get at least 3 quotes at one time, you can get a great comparison between the differences in rates among the auto insurance providers you choose. The most important factor for many is the cost of auto insurance premiums. Everyone wants a rate that they can live with, one that is affordable but at the same time offers the amount of coverage they need. If you have a vehicle that is still bank owned, then it would be wise to carry full coverage insurance. Or, you may only need liability to cover your older model car as it wold not be worth paying the higher monthly premiums of full coverage insurance. Whatever the case, get affordable auto insurance online and save yourself the hassle of talking to many different insurance agents over the phone, saving you much needed time.

When you find the car insurance company you are most comfortable with, you can then start the policy that day online, as well. Affordable car insurance is just a few clicks away when you use the internet to shop around for the cheapest rates. Get a fast quote completely free and get started on a policy that fits not only your budget, but your insurance needs as well.

Find affordable auto insurance today by comparing multiple rates at AiQuotes.com. hey offer tips, insurance discounts, industry related headlines, and helpful information on ways to save money on quality auto insurance. Remember auto insurance quotes are simple, free, and quick.ERROR_BAD_SERVICE_ENTRYPOINT,ERROR_DS_GCVERIFY_ERROR,ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_NO_PUBLIC_KEY,ERROR_REMOTE_STORAGE_MEDIA_ERROR,ERROR_UNKNOWN_FEATURE
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Turn Your "Rusty Junk" Into eBay Gold!by Pete ... times people to stop to realize the income ... of their "junk". And, when they DO decide it might be worth selling, they never give eBay

Turn Your "Rusty Junk" Into eBay Gold!

by Pete Egeler

Often times people to stop to realize the income potential of their "junk". And, when they DO decide it might be worth selling, they never give eBay a second thought.

As I preach over and over again to my customers, don't ever think that you have something that nobody else would want, unless you've really taken the time to do a little eBay research.

I've sold my wife's old tea pots, bowls, AOL CD's, books, etc. that we no longer had a use for. And, it usually brings a lot more cash to the table than a yard sale or flea market sale would.

Most items in good condition will bring a pretty fair price on eBay if you take just a bit of time to locate the correct category for that item.

Then again, there are times when you may have something that really doesn'tlook all that great. What should you do then?

Well, depending upon what it is, you may want to sell it "as is."

Case in point is a lamp I'm getting ready to auction off. (My wife brought it home to me the other day.)

It's obvious that this lamp is old. It doesn't work (that I know of,) and it has a bit of tarnish on it. But, I'm NOT going to try and "spruce it up" before I put it up for auction.

Now I don't know squat about lamps. But I DO KNOW, that this particular lamp was made in the early 70's. About 1972 I think, and the WORST thing I could do is try to "clean" it to make it more presentable.

I'll dust it off, and take a couple of pictures, but it will be sold "as is."

Why? Because someone that DOES know about lamps, will exactly how to clean this particular item up in the CORRECT manner, so as not to damage it.

They will know it needs work, and they will know what, and how to bring it back to the condition it should be in.

One of the "biggies" these days is the "country" look in home decor.

So, look around. See what you might have stashed away in the corner of your garage, in your attic, etc. Don't want it any more? Just drag it out, dust it off, and sell it on eBay.

Someone is sure to be looking for just the item you no longer want.


Pete Egeler is the author of "Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits," and a twice-monthly newsletter entitled "DDNews." You can check out either of these by visiting his web site at: http://shmyl.com/ciaa You can also email Pete at:pegeler@glorymountain.com for more information.


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If you have been making payments on a property for the last thirty years, you know just how difficult this can be to pay down. Owning a home is not something that would come easy, the cost...

If you have been making payments on a property for the last thirty years, you know just how difficult this can be to pay down. Owning a home is not something that would come easy, the cost can often result in people looking for other ways to save money. Many people avoid modifications to their home because of a desire to remain in budget. However, doing this only results in having to live in a property that they are not very happy with. Bathroom Remodel Stockton services would be well worth the price when you consider the changes that are possible to your existing space. Creating more room for storage or simply increasing the available space of your bathroom would be just two examples of possible changes to your space. However, there are limitless alterations that can be completed in order to help you get a bathroom that you enjoy spending time in. If you have not been happy with the look or design of your bathroom, making changes is the easiest way to increase the level of comfort you have within your property. If you continue to put off making changes to your bathroom in order to save money, you are only putting yourself at a disadvantage. Instead, you want to have professionals design a bathroom that causes you to get much more enjoyment out of your space on a regular basis.

Bathroom Remodel Stockton professionals can be very helpful to anyone that does not like the look of their bathroom and simply wants a change. Very often, people delay investing in remodeling services simply because they do not know what they would like to have changed. Having someone look at your property would be the first step in determing the changes that you would like to bring about. Since these professionals have completed so many jobs over the last few years, they have experience that can help you to find something you are very happy with. If you have a bathroom that has an old and outdated design, you do not want to continue living in a space that you are unhappy with. Instead, you can have your bathroom redesigned by people that can transform your property quickly.

Paying for these services would be a great way to increase the amount of appeal that your property has. If you may be thinking about placing your home on the market in the future, the investments that you make today would matter a great deal. When you use these remodeling services, it is possible to get great materials and a unique design that would help you to easily sell your home in the future. Also, higher quality materials can help your property to stand out and this would result in higher profits when the time comes. Instead of attempting to keep to a budget by missing out on services you need, you should think about the potential your property could have when you alter the look of your bathroom with the help of this remodeling company.

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